Project Management Professional Certification

Project Management Professional Certification is credentialing proving an individual possess a high level of knowledge with all process levels pertaining to project management. To ensure process management standardization could be used worldwide, the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK® Guide) was developed and evolved into certification. This certification is recognized all across the world and demonstrates that the project manager possess the necessary knowledge, experience and skills to successfully complete a project.

Courses leading up to certification are designed with the working process manager in mind. The coursework are offered on-line to accommodate the active, professional lives of those who wish to prepare for the credentialing.

Project Management Professional Certification Course Curriculum

PMP Course curriculum encompasses the five major steps in project management:

  • Initiating
  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Monitoring
  • and Closing.

Within those 5 major headings, there nine modules of basic knowledge to include: project integration, project scope, project time management, project cost, quality management, human resources management, procurement, communication, and also risk management.

The Project Management Professional Certification is designed to be all encompassing and is a very thorough study of the field. Successful completion will demand a complete understanding of these modules.

General project management sites will have more information available on courses to include curriculum and schedules. You’ll also find details on costs and even reviews from prior participants.

If your career goal is to be a project manager, certification is highly recommend for you to be competitive in your field. Employers trust and value the Project Management Professional certification and maybe receptive in financial assistance in your educational pursuit.

For employers wishing to make this training available to their employees, group training packages is a viable option. These can be conducted on-site by trained instructors or completed on-line. Group training is often more cost effective for the employer and really is an investment not only in the staff but in the business itself.

It’s advisable to thoroughly check out the various on-line programs before committing to one. Have an end-goal in mind in what you hope to attain and the the course of instruction you’re considering will met your needs.

Project Management Professional Certification is undoubtedly worth the effort. Your value to an employer greatly increases. In today’s crazy business environment, it pays to have leg-up on the competition. This can assure you better security in your job.

And certification is a pursuit that not only adds value to an employer, but proudly sets you apart from those who are not certified. Your skills are globally recognized and transferable. Certification ensures that you have successfully demonstrated competence via testing that’s reliable, fair and valid. Curriculum that was developed by project manager practitioners for project managers. The real deal!

It’s a world-wide recognition of your mastery of all facets of Project Management. Armed with these credentials, you visibly demonstrate that you are a professional. You know what it takes to lead a project team to achieve successful project results.

Attaining Project Management Professional Certification can also provide you with many new professional opportunities as your skills are in high-demand all across the globe. It’s an undertaking that’s truly worth the effort!