Project Management Professional Certification

Project Management Professional Certification is credentialing proving an individual possess a high level of knowledge with all process levels pertaining to project management. To ensure process management standardization could be used worldwide, the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK® Guide) was developed and evolved into certification. This certification is recognized all across the world and demonstrates that the project manager possess the necessary knowledge, experience and skills to successfully complete a project.

Courses leading up to certification are designed with the working process manager in mind. The coursework are offered on-line to accommodate the active, professional lives of those who wish to prepare for the credentialing.

Project Management Professional Certification Course Curriculum

PMP Course curriculum encompasses the five major steps in project management:

  • Initiating
  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Monitoring
  • and Closing.

Within those 5 major headings, there nine modules of basic knowledge to include: project integration, project scope, project time management, project cost, quality management, human resources management, procurement, communication, and also risk management.

The Project Management Professional Certification is designed to be all encompassing and is a very thorough study of the field. Successful completion will demand a complete understanding of these modules.

General project management sites will have more information available on courses to include curriculum and schedules. You’ll also find details on costs and even reviews from prior participants.

If your career goal is to be a project manager, certification is highly recommend for you to be competitive in your field. Employers trust and value the Project Management Professional certification and maybe receptive in financial assistance in your educational pursuit.

For employers wishing to make this training available to their employees, group training packages is a viable option. These can be conducted on-site by trained instructors or completed on-line. Group training is often more cost effective for the employer and really is an investment not only in the staff but in the business itself.

It’s advisable to thoroughly check out the various on-line programs before committing to one. Have an end-goal in mind in what you hope to attain and the the course of instruction you’re considering will met your needs.

Project Management Professional Certification is undoubtedly worth the effort. Your value to an employer greatly increases. In today’s crazy business environment, it pays to have leg-up on the competition. This can assure you better security in your job.

And certification is a pursuit that not only adds value to an employer, but proudly sets you apart from those who are not certified. Your skills are globally recognized and transferable. Certification ensures that you have successfully demonstrated competence via testing that’s reliable, fair and valid. Curriculum that was developed by project manager practitioners for project managers. The real deal!

It’s a world-wide recognition of your mastery of all facets of Project Management. Armed with these credentials, you visibly demonstrate that you are a professional. You know what it takes to lead a project team to achieve successful project results.

Attaining Project Management Professional Certification can also provide you with many new professional opportunities as your skills are in high-demand all across the globe. It’s an undertaking that’s truly worth the effort!

Online Project Management Keeps Tasks Organized

Online Project Management is really an internet site using a database for storing project details and information belonging to the users who’re project team members. The Net also referred to as the Internet are generally the primary channel for business community, communications industry, information or IT industry and a major influence on many other industries. As a result, Online Project Management is a component associated with maintaining project management updates.

Online project management products and services can assist the project team work together, remain on task, stay within budget and then be successful with the project. Competent online project management assists the business or organization to tackle sophisticated projects devoid of delays coming from mis-communication, ambiguous position functions and not enough accountability – managed and operated just about anywhere the project team has access to the internet.

Online project management software programs makes it simple to help keep descriptive data. Additionally, online systems and services help to make posting to a centralized archive convenient and easy. Centralized data and information solutions expedites resource sharing as well as collaboration among team members.

Online project management applications generally provide you with the capability to incorporate and explain a project. After the project manager creates the project particulars, tasks and various other details about the project needed for completing the project in the time allowed are added in as well.

Reporting features usually offer information on the status of the project including the percentage complete, remaining tasks and any activities that are overdue. Various other features generally enable a project manager to reassign duties, adjust date ranges and cull information that has become outdated.

The project manager continues to keep individuals up to date by way of e-mail using status updates initiated as a result of activity involved in the project data. Online PM applications offer project managers while using capabilities necessary to plan, schedule as well as keep tabs on project actions. Corresponding to the kind of software package chosen (service or system) a project manager creates the actual project information as well as customizes the traditional data to mirror the requirements of the present project. Project managers ought to leverage the features and benefits made available from online project management resources and supply unique perspectives of data to various team members so the stats are on time and relevant.

Online project management software enable savings in time and energy simply by automating quite a few project management tasks, offering at-a-glance perspectives of project details so successful decisions can be achieved and assists the manager release work schedules to ensure that all members of the team understand what tasks are needed of them and when they must be completed . Online applications makes it possible for team collaboration through being readily available and accessible along with delivering up-to-date data.

Many Industries Accept Project Management Certification

Project Management Professional Certification is the goal of students who have studied and successfully completed the thorough course instruction. The actual training material is designed to produce the absolute best project managers. The certification for PMs hasn’t been around for very long but it has certainly caught on and something the industry has fully embraced for their project managers.}

People who want to get project management professional certification have usually been working in their area of expertise for several years and have both the academic credentials and work experience required to be considered for management positions. Project manager certification is granted by the Project Management Institute. Successful graduates can use the designation PMP® ( Project Management Professional ) after their name on business cards and related stationary.

The Project Management Professional certification credentials are extremely important to a Project Manager’s career and sets them apart as and individual who has achieved a high level of training and proficiency in project management.

For those embarking on this career journey, it’s advisable to complete a some kind of post-secondary academic education program. Obtaining a 2 or 4 year undergraduate degree is not mandatory however. But the amount of education obtained is a factor in the certification process and reduces the number of years of project management experience that is needed. The discipline of the degree is irrelevant when obtaining project management certification.

Although this credential is very valued in the industry, most candidates on this path are making a mid-career transition into the project management profession from other types of jobs. New graduates into the field aren’t usually empowered to manage a project. The risk for business is high with an un-tested employee and it most likely will take getting a little experience under their belt before they are chosen to lead up a project of their own.

Project management is alive and well in a very diverse industry setting. You can find project management positions in the healthcare industry, IT world and in the construction business as well. They all recognize and accept project manager certification professionals and are excellent career paths for outstanding employment opportunities.

Besides the Project Management Professional certification, other recognized project management certifications are CPM (Certified Project Manager) Certification, IT Project Manager Certification, and Advanced PM certification, among others.

PMP is a registered trademark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

Project Management Professional Training Online Is Available

Project Management Professional training is an absolute necessity if you would like take and successfully complete the Project Management Professional certification examinations.  Online Project Management Professional certification video tutorials are available which provides you with a very comprehensive and detailed Project Management Professional certification curriculum.

In most cases, the test questions go over the majority of the actual contents of the Project Management Professional certification.

Project Management Professional or PMP® is undoubtedly a worldwide highly regarded certification or credentialing made available from the Project Management Institute (PMI), USA, in the Project Management arena. Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification is unquestionably a heavily coveted credential that provides a project manager the competencies as well as the validation that a certified professional can manage projects regardless of the industry.

Project management is an exceptionally developing discipline, especially in the Information Technology industry, but in a number of other industrial sectors too.

Today’s project management is essentially statistical equations and formulas (i.e. PERT and earned values). The Project Management tasks tend to be rather multifaceted: a combination of reports, diagrams, graphs and other pertinent tools. While witnessing the benefits of implementing professional project management strategies, a number of companies have created Project Management Offices (PMO’s) staffed with teams of Certified Project Management Professionals to execute their company’s projects.

Among the wonderful benefits associated with engaging in the Project Management Professional online training is enjoying the fantastic opportunity to study from industry experts who are well-schooled and experienced in the profession of Project Management.

Today’s project managers require a variety of necessary skills to accomplish the challenging responsibilities in project management.

The Project Management Institute is considered the most known and respected certifying organization in America. PMI offers project managers the Project Management Professional examination 4 times a year. The Project Management Professional certification test or PMP test as it’s widely known, is a well known examination that is prized by a lot of companies searching for candidates that possess high-level expertise in the realm of budgeting and time management techniques as well as confidence and competence to oversee and manage a variety of good sized projects.

Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification is definitely a significantly desired credential that offers an individual the competencies skills plus the validation the certified individual can manage projects regardless of the industry.

In fact, the Project Management ProfessionalCertification is becoming an international standard for many successful IT companies.

Every project management professional has many great job opportunities. As a project manager, you can boost your career and skills by enrolling in Project Management Professional training.

Certification Requirements for Project Management Professional

If you’re looking to prepare yourself to take the exams offered by the Project Management Institute, an application is needed first. In the application, you will have to document that you do in fact meet the Project Management Professional certification requirements. The actual test is demanding. It’s constructed as a multiple-choice examination which consists of 175 questions which are scored. There are also 25 additional questions and candidates are given 4 hours to complete.

The exam is in-depth and very comprehensive and not something you can easily pass. It needs to be thorough as project managers who have valuable experience are being actively recruited in the US and around the globe. The Project Management Institute values their reputation and the professional nature their certification bestows on project managers who attain certification. PMI is honor-bound to keep and maintain a high level of integrity of their qualifications they have labored to build.. The objective is to not only protect their reputation but uphold the professional status of candidates who have achieved certification.

As to the actual certification requirements for the Project Management Professional credential, imposes what a candidate must posses before being allowed to take the Project Management Professional examination. A major prerequisite is that a candidate have a pretty healthy resume with project management experience under his or her belt. The minimum experience required to sit for the exam is 4500 hours amassed leading or directing projects. The minimum number of hours needed correlates to the level of academic education you have received. If a candidate has not graduated and obtained a bachelor’s degree, the minimum leading and directing projects is raised to 7,500 hours.

Of course, there are other project management certifications that can be sought after. For those who’s experience has been acquired with an emphasis on project scheduling, there is a specific certification that may be of interest; the PMI Scheduling Professional or PMI-SP. PMI offers certification to those who would like to specialize in risk management too. That course, PMI-RMP is the one for risk management professional certification. As previously mentioned, the amount of academic education achieved determines the number of hours of project management experience that is required. Risk Management candidates, at a minimum need a high school diploma plus the necessary hours of experience, are also required to have at least 30 hours of project risk management courses.

For project managers who are not interested in specialization of a particular aspect of project management but want to be known as an expert in all facets of the profession, then Project Management Professional certification is for you. And your qualification status does not end with successful completion of the exam. In order to maintain certification, PMI mandates that proof of continuing professional development of 60 hours be completed and submitted to them every three years. Updating your status can be done online by visiting PMI’s website.

The absolute best place to obtain exactly what the Project Management Professional certification requirements you will need to sit for the PMP exam, can be also be found at PMI’s website. They also offer a host of career information you’re sure to find helpful.