Many Industries Accept Project Management Certification

Project Management Professional Certification is the goal of students who have studied and successfully completed the thorough course instruction. The actual training material is designed to produce the absolute best project managers. The certification for PMs hasn’t been around for very long but it has certainly caught on and something the industry has fully embraced for their project managers.}

People who want to get project management professional certification have usually been working in their area of expertise for several years and have both the academic credentials and work experience required to be considered for management positions. Project manager certification is granted by the Project Management Institute. Successful graduates can use the designation PMP® ( Project Management Professional ) after their name on business cards and related stationary.

The Project Management Professional certification credentials are extremely important to a Project Manager’s career and sets them apart as and individual who has achieved a high level of training and proficiency in project management.

For those embarking on this career journey, it’s advisable to complete a some kind of post-secondary academic education program. Obtaining a 2 or 4 year undergraduate degree is not mandatory however. But the amount of education obtained is a factor in the certification process and reduces the number of years of project management experience that is needed. The discipline of the degree is irrelevant when obtaining project management certification.

Although this credential is very valued in the industry, most candidates on this path are making a mid-career transition into the project management profession from other types of jobs. New graduates into the field aren’t usually empowered to manage a project. The risk for business is high with an un-tested employee and it most likely will take getting a little experience under their belt before they are chosen to lead up a project of their own.

Project management is alive and well in a very diverse industry setting. You can find project management positions in the healthcare industry, IT world and in the construction business as well. They all recognize and accept project manager certification professionals and are excellent career paths for outstanding employment opportunities.

Besides the Project Management Professional certification, other recognized project management certifications are CPM (Certified Project Manager) Certification, IT Project Manager Certification, and Advanced PM certification, among others.

PMP is a registered trademark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.